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5 Reasons To Keep Lavender Oil In Your Home

Lavender oil is a MUST for your general needs. Its very powerful and beneficial as an uncommon remedy, and here are a few reason to keep it in your home.

1. Soothes an ear infection 

With this essential oil’s anti-bactierial and anti-viral properties, it is an easy decision when dealing with ear infections. Lavender oil has the abililty to draw out the virus present during an ear infection.

2. Keeps mosquitoes away

3. Promotes relaxation and headache relief. Prevents insomnia

Rubbing this essential oil on your temples can help relieve the tension in your head and neck. It can also help relieve tension. Lavender oil has a calming and sedative effect. According to a study done at the University of Leicester in England, lavender oil is just as effective in promoting a good nights rest as traditional medication.

4. Prevents hair frizz

5. Cuts and scrapes

This essential oil has very powerful antiseptic and anti-microbial powers


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